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Since the Gold Rush in 1849, California has been the home of opportunity seeking business and public sector enterprises. Unafraid of the future, we seek a brighter tomorrow and manage the projects that continue our legacy of change and progress.

Time-to-Profit was founded by Edward J. (Ed) Fern as, "The Fern Group" in 1994 to provide information technology consulting and project management services.  Because we are based in Orange County, most of our clients are involved in developing new products and services and our activities were initially focused on business process improvements and on bringing new offerings to the market.  We discovered, however, that producing profitable new processes, products,  and services requires careful planning and execution during the development stage AND during the marketing/implementation stages that follow.   Our new name, Time-to-Profit, reflects the full life cycle methodology we now offer to our clients.


Time-to-Profit has served clients that include:

Time-to-Profit provides tailored training and management consulting services in business process improvement, project management, and product development.


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